Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The book of Job

Tonight I was reading from the book of Job. In the life of Job, there was a Spiritual battle that took place in Heaven. Satan was actually given permission to strike everything in the life of Job and to strike him physically, but he was not allowed to kill him. Satan believed that Job had been faithful to God all his life because of his good life and that once everything was taken away- his family, his wealth, and his health- that he would then curse God. Job, however, did the opposite. He humbled himself before God.

As I was reading, I noticed that Job was hard pressed. He was depressed. He tired of the troubles he was facing. He asked God several times to take his life and let him die. He wished he had never been born. He asked God why all the problems were happening to him. However, in all of that, he never cursed God; he never blamed God for the problems he was having. He blamed himself and his sin. His advisors could not understand why he would continue to lift up God in the midst of his sorrows, but he was still able to respond, “I know that my redeemer lives”.

Another point that I noticed in Job was how the prayers and speeches of Job point directly to Jesus. Job asked questions about life and death and if people will rise from the dead. He also prayed for and wished for someone to intercede between him and God. These prayers and questions were answered in Jesus. Jesus died for our sins and was then raised from the dead. He is now in Heaven as our intercessor between us and the Father God.

I would not have wanted to live during the time of Job. He had many questions and many uncertainties and had no way to answer them. I am thankful that I have God’s Word to turn to for answers to my questions and comfort for my sorrows. I am thankful that I live in the time where I can turn to Jesus and trust Him for my Salvaltion.