Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Laundry- a regular part of life

This past weekend was cold and rainy. Now, I know what those of you in the USA, especially those in Ohio, are thinking. You are thinking... "It's not cold there! There is no snow there!" Well, cold is definitely relative. We had been in the mid-upper 80s or lower 90s for several weeks, so a weekend with temperatures hovering around 60 and rain is cold here.

The cold isn't too bad, but the problem is the rain. More so, the problem lies in the fact that I tend to do laundry on the weekends. Laundry is washed in our "American" style washing machine, and then hung out on the line to dry. However, laundry doesn't dry too well in the rain.

Meredith, one of my roommates, tried washing laundry before the rain started on Saturday. However, the rain kept her clothes from drying all day. On Sunday, she moved all of her wet clothes into her room and used fans to try to dry them. Rachel (another roommate) and I both washed a few things on Sunday that we needed for work and followed Meredith's example of hanging up in the bedrooms with fans.

I guess sometimes you do what you have to do.

Oh, allow me to show you how our washer works. When we bought our washer, we opted for the American-style washer. This one is fully automatic. With a Dominican-style washer, you need to fill the water up in the washer with the hose or a bucket at the beginning of the wash cycle, then open the valve to drain it, then fill it back up for the rinse, then drain it again before transferring the clothes to the spinner to have the water spun out of them. Since my washer is automatic, I don't have to worry about that. Here are the steps of my washer:

  1. Turn the washing machine on

  2. Set the desired load size

  3. Put in clothes and soap

  4. Make sure the water hose is on

  5. Set the cycle to fuzzy- Yep, I said fuzzy! That is our normal cycle.

  6. Turn on the air turbo, if desired

  7. and Push start!

When the washer is finished washing (usually about an hour later), it plays music- nursery rhyme style music!

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