Sunday, December 9, 2007

What time is it??

Venezuelans woke up today not knowing the answer to that question. "Why didn't they know what time it was?" you might ask yourself. They didn't know what time it was because the time changed today. That's right. For the first (and possibly the last) time, Venezuela observed their own version of Daylight Savings Time. Chávez had the clocks moved back 30 minutes. This will allow the students to walk to school in a little more daylight.

Because of this, Venezuela now has its own time zone. Also, when the United States is on Daylight Savings Time, the Eastern time zone will be 30 minutes ahead of Venezuela, even though Venezuela is further east.
This time change was done with little or no advanced warning, which left many Venezuelans wondering what time it really was. There was some confusion but things seem to have transitioned well.
Welcome to the world of Daylight Savings Time Venezuela!

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