Sunday, December 2, 2007

Election Day

Today is the big election day in Venezuela. The Venezuelan are voting on a reform of the constitution. President Chavez has initiated many changes to the constitution and the people are voting today if they agree with the changes or do not agree. If you want to see what they are voting on, go here...

While I try not to get involved with Vzlan politics, I can't help but pay attention to what is going on in Venezuela. This election will cause major changes in several areas of government if it passes.

Even though the people of Venezuela are voting for their country's future, God is in control of all that is happening. The only things that will happen in Venezuela is what God permits to happen. It is all under His control. Amen

UPDATE: Just in case you haven't seen the news, the reformation in Venezuela did not pass and the constitution will not change in Venezuela. May God bless Venezuela.

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