Saturday, May 17, 2008

Prayer Vigil

Last night, the church held a prayer vigil and invited the congregation to attend. This vigil (which seemed more like their Wednesday night prayer services) was held from 8pm til midnight and the pastors asked that the team for MisiĆ³n Ohio (the mission trip) come to receive prayer from the congregation.

Between worship songs, prayer was offered up for the men of the church, the women of the church, the pastors, the elders, the ministry leaders, the youth, the schools in the city, the country as a whole, and the govenment. Our mission team was last on the agenda (at around 11:30pm).

While some people had already left, there were still quite a few people there. Our team was brought up to the front of the church and presented to the church as the mission team. This is the first time the members of the team were presented to the church. Prayer was offered up for our team, for the visa applications, and for the church in Hudson.

Prayer is the most valuable gift anyone can give us. Our team needs a lot of prayer as we continue with the visa application and begin support raising. I also ask that you continue to pray for the people in Ohio with whom we will minister in August. I know God has great plans for this team and I am excited to see all that He is going to do through us.

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