Sunday, October 5, 2008

A difficult day of ministry

Yesterday, a large group of people- young and young at heart- went to the senior citizens' center/ nursing home to do ministry with the elderly. We have gone here before and it is usually a joy to see the looks on the faces of the people as we come in to "celebrate" with them. As one of the residents told me yesterday after looking at all the balloons, "we are having a party!" There was singing, dancers, refreshments, and a time to be able to share the Gospel with them. While not all of the residents there were able to understand, some did and prayed to receive Christ!

However, this was a very difficult time for me. Yesterday was my Gramma's birthday. Gramma went to be with the Lord last December, and this was our first October 4th without her. I knew it was going to be a difficult day for me- I was very close with her- but going to the party at the senior center was a little too much for me to handle. I was unable to stop the tears as I started thinking about the party that would have been thrown for her if she was still on the earth and the party she is experiencing in Heaven.

While I know that she is in Heaven and I will see her again, it is still hard being away from her right now. I look forward to our reunion in Heaven and can't wait til I can talk to her again- and tell her all about what God has done in my life since she left (although she might already know!)
I love you Gramma. I miss you. I will see you again!

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Anonymous said...

laOct. 4 was also a very difficult day for me. I miss my mom. I went to visit her gravesite and take her flowers and to sing Happy Birthday. She would have been 95.It was sad, but I know she would have appreciated it. As for you, think about all those seniors, as you touch there lives. A handshake, a smile, a kind word, a warm hug. Think of how lonely they are, some totally forgotten by family. Every one needs someone. I think of mom, and how lonely at times she was. How she loved when we would just rub her back, boy did it perk her up. So think of her as you visit these seniors, and know it doesn't take much to make them happy. Continue to reach out to them and tell them about Jesus. May God Bless you and the others.