Tuesday, October 7, 2008

An invitation to pray

I would like to invite you to pray for Venezuela on October 12. On this day, thousands of Christians will be marching through the streets of every major city in the country... for Jesus!! This event is called "Marcha para Jesús". (http://www.marchaparajesus.com.ve/2008/) Every year, on October 12, thousands of Christians fill the streets across Venezuela (and other parts of the world on various days throughout the year!) and walk through the streets proclaiming that Jesus is the Answer and Savior for Venezuela!

I am excited to participate in this event. This will be my first march and I am excited to see all of my brothers and sisters in Christ come out into the streets on a hot, Maracucho, Sunday afternoon to proclaim Jesus is Lord!

And so, I ask you to please pray. Pray for the march. Pray for the people who will be marching- for their health and well-being as it will be very hot at that time (most likely with a heat index near 110ºF- and the march goes for about 2 hours). Pray for the people who will be seeing the march- for them to understand that Jesus is the Way, the Truth, and the Life. Pray for the country of Venezuela- that there will be a turning to Jesus and a great revival. Pray for the leaders of the country, including President Chavez- for his salvation- and for the stability in the political climate of the country.


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