Monday, April 19, 2010

Mission trip to Sosua with the 5th graders

Last week Friday and Saturday, I went on a mini- mission trip with the 5th grade class. They have been studying immigration, so we traveled to Sosua, about 3 hours away, to go visit and work with a community of Haitian immigrants.

The visit started out by helping to clean up a preschool for Haitian children. The rain didn't stop us from helping clean up the walls of the buildings!

We then went on a tour of a batey, a poor village made up of primarily Haitian immigrants who were promised work by the Dominican government but then did not receive enough work to make ends meet.

After the tour, the students had time to interact with the children living in the batey by playing with them. Soccer, volleyball, basketball, jumprope, and frisbee were big hits!

That night, we had a time of worship and small group devotions. During this time, one of the girls accepted Christ as her Savior!!

On Saturday, the students went to a Jewish holocaust museum to study about Jewish immigrants to the DR and then went to visit another batey. Once again, the sports were a very popular way for them to see that Haitian children are just like them.

Since we were near the coast, the trip did include lunch on the beach (with a little swim time). Overall, it was a very good trip and a positive experience for all of the students. Here a few extra photos from the trip. Enjoy!

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