Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mailing difficulties

Lately, there have been some difficulties with our mailing system. We use a company here called MFI (Missionary Flights International). This company is based in Florida and is the reason I have been able to receive mail all of this time here in the DR. They deliver mail to the airport near here every other Tuesday.

Two weeks ago, when they brought the mail, they were greeting by governmental agents saying they could not deliver their mail. Apparently there was a change in government regulation and they were no longer authorized to bring mail into the country. After keeping our mail "hostage" for 2 days, paperwork, fees, and fines were taken care of and our mail was released. However, things are still not good.

I was just informed that we will not be getting our mail this week at all. The next mailing is TENTATIVELY scheduled for May 25 (and this is a big maybe). Anything that is in the process of arriving will be held in the warehouse in Florida until it can be delivered, hopefully on May 25.

So, for now, I need to ask you not to send anything to me. Hopefully everything will work out so that the missionaries here in the DR can continue to be blessed by the services of MFI, but until then, please continue to bless me through your prayers and financial gifts, but not through letters and packages mailed to Florida.

I will be returning to Ohio in mid-June (with a trip to Oklahoma in late June or early July). I hope to be able to meet with as many people as possible, sharing all the experiences and blessings that God has given me during these last several months here in the DR!

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