Monday, May 24, 2010

Math Madness

Last week, Doulos went crazy. It was Math Madness week. Students in grades 6-12 competed in contests, races, and a math bee (similar to a spelling bee, but with math problems instead- and air horns as buzzers!) to see who would be the winner. The students in the younger grades were each paired up with a team to cheer them on and each team was assigned a color. Throughout the week, you could see team spirit everywhere, from chalk writings on the sidewalk, to colorful posters on the walls, and even costumes and accessories on the kids! The activities concluded with a giant water balloon fight between the winning team and the staff.
Here are some of pictures of this week's madness!

Our MCs for the week- Mr. Plus and Mr. Minus

A wheelbarrow race to solve the math problem.

Every morning, there was an estimation station for the students to make their estimates on specific problems. This day, they were to estimate how many eggs the paper would hold before breaking and sending the eggs on some members of the school administration!

Second graders showing their purple spirit.
The teams are lined up, ready for the competition to begin.
The Math bee, held in the library.
First graders showing their green spirit.
A combination of Kindergarteners and 10th graders cheering for Orange.
Although a little hard to see due to water spots, the end of the week ended in a massive water balloon fight.

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