Saturday, August 14, 2010

I have failed!!

I have failed you! I am such a bad blogger!!

Well, summer has come and gone and now I am back in Jarabacoa. However, since it has been ages since I have last blogged, allow me to give you a picture review of my summer...

Watching my nephew, Collin, play baseball.
Visiting my friend in Oklahoma while presenting in churches about my ministry.
I presented in several churches in Ohio and Oklahoma this summer.
Hanging out with my family in the swimming pool.
Playing with Roni, the family dog.
Taking my nephew hiking and exploring.
Celebrating my birthday (a little late- since I was away on the actual day) with my family.

It was a very full summer, full of work and some fun. Time passed very quickly. I am now back in Jarabacoa and looking forward to an exciting school year!

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