Saturday, October 6, 2007

Equipping class

I have been attending the Center for Intercultural training (CIT) in Union Mills, North Carolina for a month. Yesterday, I just finished my first course here, Equipping for cross cultural life and ministry. This was a course designed to make people aware of cultural differences and how to prepare to enter a new culture. The class itself was not that hard, but there was a lot of homework every night. Some of the topics that were covered in class were:
· Individual personalities and learning styles
· Times of transition between cultures
· Ethnocentrism- This is believing that your culture is better than any other culture
· Spiritual Warfare
· Cultural Analysis
· Culture Shock
· What is truth?
· Expectations
· Risk Management & Medical issues
· Contextualization- This is adapting to the culture you are entering without trying to change them to your culture
· Cross-Cultural Communication
· Dynamics of Religion

During this class, I attended a service at a Catholic Mass and visited an Islamic Mosque. These were very good visits for learning about these religions. If you would like to know about these religions, please ask me.

Monday starts our new class, Second Language Acquisition. This class will not teach us the new language we will be learning; it will teach us strategies to learning a new language. I will let you know how it goes.

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