Monday, October 8, 2007

The root of missions and language learning

My new class began today- Second Language Acquisition. This class is designed to teach strategies to begin to learn your new language for the country you are moving to. The class teaches how to begin a language using visual and active motion techniques. This would be very useful if I was just learning Spanish. However, I am not sure how useful it will be with more advanced learning. I hope they do teach strategies for more advanced learning.

I also found out that my pastor here in North Carolina will be coming to class, along with 2 other people from our church, to do some activities with the class this week and next. Unfortunately, I will not be in their groups since I already have a background in Spanish.

When we got the schedule for clases for the next two weeks, I noticed that we were not going to have our morning worship times. I was a little disappointed about that. However, the first thing they taught us today was that the root of missions and the root of language learning was worship and we began today with worship. The instructor told us that we will be having spontaneous times of worship throughout this course because worship is the heart of it all.

Think about this.... Who are the best language learners? Children of course. And we, as children of God, should be the best at learning our second language because we are children of the One who created language in the beginning. It was comforting to think that God will give us the power to learn these difficult languages that we need in order to do His work throughout the world.

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Keep up the good work.