Saturday, January 5, 2008

A look back... A look ahead...

2007 began with me living in my apartment, hosting 3 friends from Venezuela, teaching at Crestwood Middle School, and beginning preparations for the next mission trip.
2007 ended with me being homeless, jobless, and not knowing what was going to happen in the future.

What happened in between?? God happened!! God intervened in my life in 2007 (and really before), and when God intervenes, things happen.

In April, I took a trip to Maracaibo do work on preparations for the mission trip, which took place in August. While there, I was invited to come to work with Filadelfia Church full time in 2008. It was suggested by both my church in Ohio and Filadelfia Church that my date to begin ministry be the second or third week of January, 2008.

June was a very busy month with a lot of changes taking places. Within 3 weeks time in June, I finished my teaching, took 6 graduate credit hours of classes, finished preparations for the mission trip, prepared for language school in Costa Rica, gave away all of my furniture, and moved out of my apartment.

I spent July in Costa Rica at the Spanish Language Institute attempting to learn Spanish. From there, I spent 3 weeks in Venezuela working with the mission teams.

I returned "home" mid-August, staying the basement of a friend from church. On Labor Day, I drove down to North Carolina to begin classes at the Center for Intercultural Training.

I remained in North Carolina until just before Thanksgiving. I was "home" staying with my parents for 3 weeks, doing support raising, before traveling to Oklahoma to visit a friend. While in Oklahoma, my gramma passed away. I arrived back just in time for the calling hours and funeral. A week later was Christmas, then New Year's and then now.

Welcome to 2008!!!

My support raising has been going slowly and as January approached, I started to think that God was not quite ready for me to go to Venezuela. I trust His timing and when He feels the time is right, the financial support I need will be there and I will go.

Just yesterday, I was told that a significant portion of my support has suddenly come in and while I am not quite there with my support, I am close enough to begin looking for tickets. Within the next month, God willing, I will be in Venezuela.

I trust that God will provide the remaining support that I need before I leave. He has been faithful so far, providing all I needed at the right time. I trust He will not fail me now.

Thank you for your prayers and your support over the past several months. I ask that you please continue to pray, not only for me, but for the people of Maracaibo that will be impacted by the work of the Holy Spirit throughout this new year.

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Anonymous said...

hey i am praying for you! i remember how often i would think that the money wouldn't come in and then God would just wow me. so excited for you! - katy