Friday, April 11, 2008

The 3 month update...

I have been here in Venezuela for almost 3 months now. Hard to believe. Does it feel like 3 months? Not really.

I am finally feeling settled. I have my apartment now, suitcases are unpacked and stored away. I have started "living" here, which I knew was official when I got my first utility bill. I am starting to learn my way around the city and my spanish is improving every day.

The work with the children's ministry is moving slowly (as do most things here in Venezuela). However, it IS moving in a forward direction, praise God.

The preparations for the mission trip have had some difficulties. We had some problems with the Visa application for the team members, but trust that God has it all in His control.

Knowing that I will be living here at least until January of 2009, I have resigned from my teaching position at Crestwood Middle School. I had been on a one-year leave of absence for this school year, but had to notify them by April 1 if I would be returning. It was difficult resigning from that job, but not too difficult. I know that God gave me that job (interesting testimony- if you want to know the story, please ask me). I trust that when I need another job God will provide one for me.

Guita continues to grow. It is interesting having a turtle in my apartment. I am discovering her likes and dislikes (which sometimes surprise me). She sleeps a lot and prefers certain areas over others to sleep.

Next week, I will be leaving Venezuela for a few days in order to renew my visa. After that, I will begin my second 3-month term here in Maracaibo.

Thank you for your continued prayers for me and for the people of Filadelfia Church and Maracaibo. God bless you.

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