Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Today, Venezuela experienced a nation-wide power outtage. At about 4pm today, we lost power at the church. I then discovered that it was all over Maracaibo. Not too long after that, we heard it included most of Venezuela. While power outtages are not a big deal, some people had difficulty handling the lack of lights and power. No power meant no air conditioning, which is a concern when the heat index is over 110°F. There were also no traffic lights, and thus major traffic jams. Some areas have since received power, but many areas are still dark.

While I am sure that there is a reason for the explosion that they say caused this massive power outtage, my question is this... Was there something big happening somewhere in Venezuela for the Kingdom of God that the enemy did not want to take place and thus caused a power outtage? For some reason, this is the question that kept popping up in my mind. So, my prayer tonight is that whatever God is doing here in Venezuela will overcome a power outtage. Our God is bigger and stronger than the god of this world and He is able to overcome... even a nationwide power outtage.

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