Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The desires of your heart

Psalm 37:4:
Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart.

As a child growing up, we were asked in school to write about our dream vacation. If we could go anywhere in the world, where would we like to go? My answer was always, always the same. The Caribbean Sea! To me, that was paradise. Sitting at the beach on a Caribbean Island, listening to the waves coming in, crystal clear waters, white sand, palm trees. This was my paradise and it was the place I would never get to because vacations like that only come in your dreams.

Never say never.

As a servant of the living God, He has sent me to a few various places in His great world to serve Him. Some of these places have not been ideal, but He always got me through them. When I decided to serve Him full time, He sent me to Maracaibo, Venezuela, first to visit, then to live, which was close enough to paradise for me. However, God is gracious and He has blessed me greatly. I have delighted in Him and He has given me the desires of my heart.

While living in Venezuela, I have to leave the country every 3 months in order to renew my visa. I have been in Venezuela for 3 months, therefore I needed to leave. My friend and I are currently enjoying the paradise of Aruba. What a joy to see this beautiful island that God created.

I know that serving God is not always easy. Many times, it is difficult to believe that God is directing where I am and what I am doing. It is not easy picking up the cross and following Him daily (Matthew 16:24-27) but there no better work in all the world. And... what rewards God has in store for those who faithfully serve Him!

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