Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Rain Delay

Here in Maracaibo, we are in the middle of rainy season. It doesn't rain every day, but when it does, it downpours. The city does not have a drainage system to remove rain water, so when it rains, the streets become rivers, making it dangerous to drive.

On Sunday, we experienced one of these downpours. It started raining at around 7:00am and continued with continuous heavy rain until around 10:00am.

Of course, I leave for church at 7:30 on Sunday mornings- usually. Well, not this past Sunday. I was on a rain delay. Taxis do not drive when it is raining like this. No taxis= no way to get to church. I was finally able to get a taxi at about 10:45.

Despite the heavy rains, there were still quite a few people at the church, although considerably less than normal. The service was great and I am glad that God provided a way for me to get to the church while teaching me patience in waiting for a taxi.

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