Wednesday, June 18, 2008

¡Feliz Cumpleaños Pr. Raúl!

This past weekend, the church celebrated the birthday of Pr. Raúl. If you recall, birthdays are a big deal here. The pastor's birthday was on Friday. He arrived to church to find a pathway of confetti squares leading from his parking spot to his office and his office similarly decorated.

At church on Sunday, each service sang Happy Birthday and he was presented with a cake and a small gift.

Yesterday, was the surprise birthday dinner party at one of his favorite restaurants. This dinner party was by invitation only for about 75 of his closest friends, family members, board of directors at the church, and yours truly :-) . A few members of the worship team from the church were there to provide entertainment for the event. It was quite an evening, beginning at "7:30" (actually, more like 8:45ish) and continued until after I left at 11:30pm.
My camera has been having temper tantrums lately and refused to take pictures, hence the lack of pics on the blog. However, it was behaving itself last night. Enjoy the pics!

The birthday toast.

The birthday cake.

Pr. Raúl opening his birthday present from the church- a new cell phone.

The pastoral families (Pr. Raúl, Pr. Anax, and families) and the missionary.

The musicians providing live entertainment for the evening.

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