Saturday, July 5, 2008

It's all child's play...

What do hulahoops, ball-pit balls, and bandanas have in common? They were all part of our last training meeting for our missionaries. That's right, our missionaries were playing- just like children- and learning in the process.

This week's meeting was about teamwork and building their team relationships. I utilized some of my training from CIT (Center for Intercultural Training in North Carolina) to help this team learn how to be a team.

We started off with a game involving hulahoops and ball-pit balls. Each team (4 in all) had to try to get all of the balls into their hulahoop to win. While I do not want to give away the secret on how to win this game, the lesson learned from this game was unity.

We then learned what the Bible says about teamwork and being united as a team. After the Bible Study, it was play time again.
This time, members of the team were blindfolded and had to find the ball with the directions given by a team member who could not see the ball but getting gestures from the team member who could see the ball. Sounds crazy, doesn't it. There were several lessons learned in this game, like the importance of communication, leadership, and trust. After long laughs by those who were spectators, and celebrations of those who actually found the ball, we learned about how to be an effective team.

This mission team is really starting to become a team. They are uniting together in joys and sorrows and preparing together to serve God in Ohio. Congratulations TEAM!!

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