Friday, July 25, 2008

The cards you were dealt...

Our training meeting last week discussed culture. Things that people think, do, and say are results of the culture from the area in which they grew up. People growing up in Ohio have dramatically different culture than people from Maracaibo in many different aspects. We discussed these aspects of culture (being time oriented vs. being event oriented, being concerned with tasks or relationships, being individualistic or cooperative, crisis oriented or non-crisis oriented, being open or closed about their personal life, etc.) and compared them between the 2 locations.
We then played a card game that helped them learn more about culture. Sorry. Once again, I am not giving you any clues to the game in case you end up playing it. I wouldn’t want to ruin it for you.
At the end of the meeting, we gave the team members a chance to practice one small aspect of the different culture in Ohio- by using food. In Venezuela, double dipping is a completely acceptable practice and is extremely common, especially in parties. In Ohio, this practice is not accepted. So, the team members practiced eating food that is usually dipped in sauces without double dipping. While eating some were “tattling” on each other and telling each other when they did double dip.
At the next meeting, we took the information we learned about culture and learned how to go about sharing the Gospel with people in a different culture. My friend Kris discussed one method that can be used in the United States to share the Gospel. We also learned a few other methods. This week, the team is practicing using the methods they learned.
The team is almost ready. After today, there is just one more training meeting before the trip. I know they are excited and getting more excited as the time draws near.

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