Wednesday, August 27, 2008

A little fun after a long illness

Wow. Have you ever been sick and wondered how long the illness would last. My little bout of illness that I got after returning to Maracaibo was like this. While I am not exactly sure what I had, I was sick for a total of 9 days with various symptoms that were different at the end of the 9 days than they were at the beginning of the period. However, thanks to God (and the many people who were praying for me- Gracias!) I am finally feeling better.

Monday, I was invited by some friends to go to my first spanish concert. We went to see Jesús Adrián Romero. He is a well-known singer in Latin America- similar to Steven Curtis Chapman in the USA. I had a very good time enjoying listening to the songs (I even knew a few of them) and listening as he shared parts of his testimony during the concert. It was a wonderful evening of fun and fellowship with some of my friends.

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