Sunday, August 17, 2008

Misión Ohio- Part 2

A day at camp-

The team traveled to the rural area of Burton, Ohio- northeast of Cleveland- to spend the whole day with a group of kids at camp. This camp, Camp Good News, is sponsored by Child Evangelism Fellowship and is designed to bring in children from the inner city areas to spend a week in camp, having fun, and learning about Christ. For many of our missionaries, it was their first camp experience as well.

I was particularly excited about this activity. It was through a Good News Club in my neighborhood sponsored by Child Evangelism Fellowship that I accepted Christ at the age of 8. How awesome it is that I am now able to help this same organization as they share the Gospel with other children in the hopes that they too might come to know their Savior and Lord.

The team members were split up and paired with different kids cabins- groups of children- with which they spent the day. They ate meals with them, sang with them, played with them (basketball, soccer, swimming, etc), and even shared their testimonies and shared the Gospel during small group time.

Our mission team was also in charge of the entire chapel service that evening. Our worship team performed, teaching the children songs in Spanish and singing in English as well. We had some testimonies given by our missionaries, some of whom were giving their testimony either for the first time or for the first time in English. The dance team performed and Pr. Anaximandro gave a message to the children.

It was a great time of fun, fellowship, and worship of our Lord!

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