Sunday, August 17, 2008

Misión Ohio- Part 1

A bout of illness upon my return to Maracaibo has kept me out of commission for the past 3 days. This has given me time to rest (couldn't really do anything else). Now that I am feeling better, I want to be able to update you on some of the opportunities God gave the Venezuelan missionaries in Ohio.

The team consisted of 23 Venezuelans and myself, who traveled from Maracaibo, Venezuela to Cleveland, Ohio. We knew that God was going to do some amazing things during this trip because the enemy was putting in some overtime work in trying to discourage us. All of the flights for the team's arrival were either delayed or cancelled. Nobody arrived in Cleveland when they were scheduled to arrive and half of the team had to spend the night in JFK airport. However, attitudes were positive, knowing that they were going to Ohio with a purpose- to expand the Kingdom of God.

Our first ministry activity was what we would consider pre-evangelism. We went to Akron, Ohio to help an organization called "He brought us out" prepare for their outreach the following day. There was lots of preparation that needed to be done before they could do their evangelism and the outreach in their community and we were glad to be able to assist.

We spent some time in prayer for their activity. Praying is the best way to assist, as we are asking for the covering of God Himself on this activity.

After doing some of the preparations that were needed, we went to the site where the activity was taking place and did a prayer march around the field. What a powerful experience to be able to march around the field, claiming the land and the activity for Christ!

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