Saturday, September 13, 2008

Misión Filadelfia

Our Misión Ohio team has a desire to serve. They are eager to serve where they are needed, whether it is in Ohio or elsewhere. So, when I discussed this problem that we needed help with, they were excited to be able to help out.

Here was the problem:

The walls of the children's ministry classrooms at the Filadelfia Church were filthy. The kids were coming into these classroom every week to learn about the love of Christ in these dirty classrooms.


We decided to show them the love of Christ by coming in on a Saturday morning and scrubbing the walls of 2 of the classrooms. Thirteen people spent several hours scrubbing and scrubbing until we were able to get the walls- not perfect- but acceptable- and much much cleaner.

And the final result is this:

All for the glory of Jesus Christ- serving Him where ever He will allow us to serve!

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