Friday, September 26, 2008

What kind of reaction do you get?

This morning, while cleaning up a little around the house and getting ready to go to the church, I put on the movie "Sister Act" to have something playing in the background. I have seen this movie many many times, and there is one part of the movie that always gets to me.

The part I am talking about is this:
Sister Mary Clarence (Whoopie Goldburg) is leading the choir of the Catholic Church in a song that is loud and active- so loud it can be heard from the streets outside. The camera shot then goes outside of the church and you hear someone from outside say, "I wonder what is happening in there." This is followed by several people from the street walking into the church to see what is happening.

This scene always gets me thinking. Are we doing things in our churches that would cause this type of reaction- where people on the streets would be so intrigued by what is going on inside that they would literally walk in off the streets to see and hear the truth? What changes do we need to make within our church to draw the attention of those around us? Are we willing to make the changes- leaving our comfort zones of what we have been doing- in order to reach out to those who need to hear the truth?

This is the kind of reaction I want to see in the children's ministry (and within the church as a whole) in Filadelfia Church. I am praying that God will provide us the opportunity to change what needs to be changed in order to attract everyone around to come and see and hear the truth of Jesus Christ.

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