Sunday, December 7, 2008

Sign Language Update

I thought I would give you an update and a sneak peak at my Sign Languages classes that I have been taking for the past month or two.

I have learned quite a few words in Spanish sign and am able to put sentences together. I am also able to understand the instructors some when they start signing. The hard part is remembering to think through these signs in Spanish to keep them separated from the signs I know in English. Many people in the class have children who are deaf and have more practice opportunities, and are thus much better than Joselin and I. However, we are learning quickly.

There is just one more class next week before they stop for Christmas. Classes will resume again in January.

It has been suggested and the idea is being explored about offering a Sign Language class at the church to teach people how to evangelize in Sign. People will be able to share the Gospel message to Deaf people in the city and then invite them to church (since Filadelfia has a sign language interpreter at one of their services). This would be an excellent ministry to begin at the church and I hope to become a part of it.

Here is a brief video so you can see what my class at the Deaf Institute is like:

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