Saturday, December 6, 2008

Tercer Cielo

Have you ever had a time when you felt like you needed to do something- something that you don't normally do and that feels really strange- and you have no idea why you need to do it, but you know you just do? Well, that happened to me this week at the conference.

As you may know, I am actually a shy person (although I am less shy now than I was before God called me into missions). So, when I had this pressing feeling that I needed to go talk to someone I've never met before, although a very strange feeling, all I could think was that it was coming from God. Allow me to explain...

At the conference this week, there was a music group couple who sang and gave testimony. Their group is called "Tercer Cielo". I had never heard of them before, but from what I understand, they have a few CDs out and are starting to become popular. From the first time they came on stage to sing and talk, a thought immediately popped into my head. "I need to talk to them." Why would I need to go talk to the singers in this music group that I have never heard of before?? This was really a strange thought for me and I pushed it out of my mind. However, every time they came on stage, the thought came back into my mind- stronger than it had the first time. I had no idea why I was supposed to talk to them or what I needed to say to them, but I know that I was supposed to.

Finally, at their last appearance on Wednesday night, this feeling was so strong- I knew that I need to talk to them about their ministry and pray with them. I decided to go backstage and talk to them. I knew this was from God. It had to be.

I went backstage and was able to talk to them. I asked them about their ministry. Their songs are all Christian, but with a Reggae beat and at times a bit of rock. They are becoming popular and the secular radio stations have started playing their music. They are expecting a baby girl in February and are excited about having a child. They asked me about my ministry in Venezuela and I explained to them what I have been doing here. I then prayed with them. I prayed for their ministry, for their new daughter, and for safe travel as they left the next morning for a concert in the United States.

After I prayed with them, I said goodbye and left. I do not know why God wanted me to go talk with them. I may never know. What I do know is that if God tells me to do something, I better do it- and I am glad I did.

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