Monday, December 15, 2008

A Special Dedication...

This post is a special dedication to a wonderful woman that God allowed me to know and love up until she departed from this Earth exactly one year ago. Margaret Havanac was born on October 4, 1913 as one of 10 children. She grew up, married (Jack Miceli), and had 5 children- 1 boy and 4 girls. She had 12 grandchildren and many great-grandchildren. She lived by herself in her own apartment until she was 91 years young. She then lived with her middle child until December 15, 2007. She is loved and greatly missed.

Besides being with her family, things that she loved included:
  • Christmas
  • Going out (ANYWHERE!)
  • Anything musical or that lit up with lights
  • Shirley Temple movies
  • Baking/cooking (Caramel Corn, Lamb Cakes, Kolachky, Eggie Soup, Coconut Bars, Italian Cookies, Pizzelles, and more!)
  • Easter trees
  • Coffee with Italian Toast or S cookies
  • And so many more things that it would be impossible to list!

I love you Gramma!!!!!!

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