Monday, January 5, 2009

Church games

In the children's ministry, we have been trying to take small steps to make the ministry more lively and a little less predictable for the children, although this has not been easy with the difficulties and set-backs that we have been facing lately.

When I saw the lessons for Christmas a few weeks ago, particularly the last lesson, I knew we had to do something different with it. The activity for the last lesson had several questions on a paper in squares that were meant to be cut out and used as trivia questions. There was also a paper spinner with the numbers 1-4 on it that you could cut out. The directions said that when you land on an orange, read an orange question and when you land on a blue, read a blue question to answer. That was it. No other directions. No anything else. When I saw that, I knew we needed this to be put in game format. And so began the project for the last few weeks- creating game boards to play with this lesson.

If I was going to make board games, I would need to make enough for several small groups of kids, so my goal was to make no less than 10 boards- complete with game pieces, dice, and trivia cards. I also decided to make the boards out of fabric instead of cardboard so they can be folded to save space. I found a great fabric that I was able to use and got to work. I created 10 different game boards- yes, each board is slightly different. I also found game pieces and large, fun, colorful dice at a toy store. The questions for the game today were based on the Nativity, but we can change the questions to use in future lessons.

Today, I brought the games in for the kids to try. Here is what it looked like:

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