Friday, January 2, 2009

¡Feliz Año!

How I spent my New Year's Eve....
In Maracaibo, New Year's Eve is an important time to spend with FAMILY. Most of my friends were staying with their families until after midnight. I spent the evening with the family of my friend, Diana.

We attended a church service at the church last night and arrived to Diana's house around 9:30pm. We prepared the food and ate dinner around 10:30pm. We then spent time together until midnight- which was celebrated with lots of hugs! This is Diana with her sister, Samira.Outside, many people on the streets are shooting off fireworks. Around 1:30am, some of my other friends came over. We hung out, played Scrabble, and talked. They left around 5:00am. Before they left, we did spend some time in prayer- dedicating this new year to the Lord.

Happy New Year!!

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