Friday, July 3, 2009

Birthday surprise

It's not my birthday. My birthday was last month. I did not do anything for my birthday. I do not like birthdays and really don't want to be reminded that I am getting older each June 3. But it's not June 3, its July 2. It's not my birthday.

I didn't think anything about it tonight when my friends wanted to go out to eat... didn't think anything about it when my friend, Tony said he left his wallet in the car tonight at the Mexican restaurant and had to go get it. Remember, it's not my birthday. However, my friends decided to surpirse me (or embarrass me) at the restaurant by telling them it was my birthday. When Tony left to "get his wallet", he was actually talking to our server and told him that because I was out of town last month, they did not get to celebrate my birthday and wanted to do it tonight.

During dinner, the server snuck up behind me and stuck a big Mexican sombrero on my head while many other servers started singing. I was shocked... very shocked.

It's nice knowing that my friends care about me, even if it is just to embarrass me in a restaurant when it's not my birthday.

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Hanah and Her way to North Africa said...

aaaawwwwww, say hi to Lee and Tony for me.

ps- is Tony still getting married?