Friday, July 17, 2009

Slow work week

This week has been a slow week at work. Because of this, I have not worked very many hours. Since I have had some extra time off this week, I have been able to work more on preparing for the Vacation Bible School in Venezuela and work on my support raising for the Dominican Republic.

I leave in 1 week for Maracaibo. I will arrive a week before the missions team to help with the final preparations for the VBS. I will have about 11 meetings in this one week- meeting with the people working in each area of the VBS.

While it will be a stressful week, I am looking forward to going "home" for a little while, spending time with the people who were my family for a year, and getting to see my little Guita again. :-)

I have also been working on raising support in order to go to the Dominican Republic. At this point, I have about 25 % of my monthly support raised, but have received about 90% of my initial moving costs- which is great. While I know God's timing is perfect, it is hard to know that I will not be going to the DR for the start of the school year- I must wait until my support comes in. However, I trust that God will provide for all my needs, according to His riches.

I ask for your prayers for the VBS and for my ministry in the DR. Also, if you feel God may be leading you to financially support me, please contact me at my email address. Thank you so much.

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