Monday, July 27, 2009

Hot, hot, and more hot

Today, a few of us went downtown to the heart of the Maracucho marketplace, where small stands are selling fruits, vegetables, clothing, CDs (pirated, of course), trinkets, gadgets, and anything you can possibly imagine under the sun. It's hot... very hot. I believe it is at least 10 - 15 degrees hotter in the downtown market than it is anywhere else in this hot city, which would make it at least 110ºF (probably more) in the market, with a heat index higher yet, I'm sure.

Temperatures extremely high. Thousands of people all crowding together in the tight alleyways of the market. Loud noise- people talking, people yelling their "advertisements" of what they are selling, music playing, babies crying, my friend Samuel making wierd noises everywhere we went.

While it was a crazy time- attempting to find the things we needed to purchase for the VBS, it was also a lot of fun. I didn't even mind getting a little sunburnt. I am enjoying being back in my second home town.

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