Thursday, August 13, 2009

El Expreso Bumerán- VBS 2009- part 2

Tuesday, day 2 of our VBS week, turned out to be much smoother than day 1. People understood what they were doing. We started fairly close to on-time. The rotations went well. The groups knew what to expect. I even got to sit down and eat lunch that day (didn't happen on day 1!!) While there were a few issues that still needed to be sorted out, all in all it worked out well. However, the big test would come on day 3.

Wednesday, day 3 of the VBS week- the missionaries had a team meeting in the morning and a lunch away from the church to follow. This means that the missionaries (me included) would not be there for the start of the VBS. The VBS workers were on their own. Those in charge knew that I would not be there, but that they could call me if they had any problems. I had trained and prepared another person to be the MC of the worship rally time and from what I heard, she did a great job! I was pleasantly surprised to get no phone calls as the start time for the VBS approached. When we arrived to the church at 2:30pm, everything was running smoothly. The kids were in their classes, the rotations were going well, and nobody was running around frantically. Overall, Filadelfia Church and the VBS workers did an outstanding job at their first test of VBS on their own. Congrats!!!
When Thursday came along, everyone was singing VBS songs all day long- they were stuck in everyone's head (actually, I think this started on Monday, but now people knew the words as well). Something else that came about on Thursday was the start of major back pain for me- the kind that keeps you from doing the motions to the Bumerang Express music and would keep you sidelined except for the fact that the kids expect to see you up front and visable. So, back pain and all, I was still there, cheering on the kids to follow Jesus, worship Him, confess Him, and serve Him and that there is no need to worry because in the end, it all comes back to Jesus!

Kangaroos praying together (12- 13 yrs old)

Worship rally song

Bible stories told in dramatic ways

Worship rally skits

What can I say... they love me!!

To be continued...

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