Friday, August 14, 2009

The secret is out

After having a 24 hour flu, I am feeling better today. Enough so to spend the afternoon with my friend Emiro- a friend whom I have known for about 3 or 4 years, ever since he was my translator on my mission trips with GMF. After being here for 3 weeks, we were finally able to find time in our schedules to hang out. I also had the opportunity to meet his sisters and his adorable little puppy.

Emiro was telling me that his puppy's name is Kyra. She is only 2 months old. She likes to chew but that is because she is just a puppy still. She is very cute.... well, that is not exactly correct.

I believe the conversation went something like this....

Emiro- Yea, she is only 2 months old. Her name is Kyra. She is really my sister's dog, but she is sorta my dog too.
Jyll- Uh, Emiro, you do know this dog is not a girl, right?
Emiro- What?
Jyll- Uh, yea, this is a boy dog.
Emiro- Are you sure? How do you know?
Jyll- Trust me, this is a boy dog.
Emiro- Oh my goodness!!! Are you serious?? Oh my!!

This was then followed by about an hour of laughter as we broke the news to his 2 sisters. I then found out about the little pink hearts with the puppy's name on it that they purchased and the little purple collar. They then were like, "So, now what do we call her- uh, him?"

It was a very amusing time of letting the secret out of the bag- the girl dog is actually a boy dog- and nobody in the family knew. Poor puppy.

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Emiro José said...

Hahahahahahahahahaahahhaa!!! lol

Priceless moment!