Saturday, August 15, 2009

El Expreso Bumerán- VBS 2009- part 3

Day 5- Friday

The last day of VBS looked different than any other VBS I've ever seen. Today we took the kids on an all-day "field trip" to the granja (a part outside of the city). The children arrived to the church by 7am and got together with their small groups. We then got everyone onto the buses and headed out to the granja. We arrived there by about 9:15am. All the children received breakfast and then we started with our VBS day, as scheduled- but behind schedule (as expected).

We discovered that the music for the VBS would not play properly on the system we had. We could only get the music or the lyrics- not both. While we had the music for the song "El Expreso Bumerán" playing, and our sound guy trying to figure out how to get the lyrics to play too, we all of a sudden had lyrics. We were pleasantly surprised to find out that it wasnt the lyrics on the CD, but the kids who were singing along to the song!!!

Throughout the day, the kids still had their classes- Bible Stories, Discussion, Evangelism, Missions, Visual Arts, and Bible Verse time, but they also had times of recreation, ate lunch and snacks, and they also went swimming. I will admit that I was hesistant about the swimming part. I did not want to see anything happen to any kid while swimming at VBS. However, we did have 2 lifeguards on the scene, as well as many adults keeping an eye out on the kids in the pool.

The children really enjoyed their time in the granja, and didn't seem too disappointed that we had to return to the church about an hour early due to the storm that sprung up in the afternoon heat.

Saturday was our missionary free day. We will discuss that day on another post. However, Sunday night was the closing of the VBS. We had about a third to a half of the kids return that night and bring their parents with them. The church was full, with the exception of a few seats remaining in the balcony. The children performed their dances that they worked on during the week in Visual Arts class, the children's choir performed some of the songs of the week, and the children each received their certificate of participation in the VBS. It was a wonderfully close to an awesome VBS- one the kids will not soon forget!

Inflatable fun!

Recreation games

Lunch time

Time to cool off in the pool- shallow end only for the smaller kids!

A very quiet bus ride back to the church after a long day at the granja.

VBS closing performances

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