Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Bible Excitement

This week, along with all of the duties I have with designing the special education program, putting together all of the program documents in both English and Spanish, observing children in grades K-12, giving diagnostic evaluations and grading them, I am also teaching 5th grade. The teacher had to make an unexpected trip to the U.S. this week, so I am teaching the classes, at least partly. The school’s substitute teacher has other classes that she has been teaching for teachers who are out, so she is only able to come in to 5th grade for part of the Math class, science, and geography. That leaves me to cover Bible/Devotions, Math, and English (with the help of the ESL teacher.)

I knew I would be teaching Math and English this week and had discussed plans with Ciara, the 5th grade teacher, last week. However, I found out that I would be teaching Bible 2 minutes before class on Monday. Surprise! As I was heading to class with the kids, I was praying that I would know what to teach. When we got to class, we sang a song first. Then, I got the Bible out and turned to Romans. Romans 10:9-10. The students copied those verses from their Bibles into their notebooks. That was going to be the verse of the week.

Today, I had the kids get together with a partner. Each partner pair received an envelope with the verse in it- both in English and Spanish- cut up word by word and mixed together. Their assignment was to put the pieces together as a puzzle to form the verses in both languages. They were really excited about this.

As they put their puzzle together, they kept repeating the verse over and over again- trying to get it in order. As time came for the class to end, they were still working. Their Spanish teacher arrived for Spanish class, and they actually kicked her out of the room. They wanted to keep working- to get their verses finished. They worked an extra 10 minutes before we finally had to stop (most groups had finished their puzzles).

What a joy to see the kids so excited to learn verses of the Bible!

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