Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Got talent?

On Friday night, the 8th graders at Doulos had a talent show. The money raised from this talent show went to support Haiti. They had people audition for the show in advance and then charged people for admission to the show. Many children and staff from Doulos participated. The show ended with a performance from the worship team of one of the local churches.

Many of the 5th grade class that I have been working with decided to participate. They sang the song "God of Wonders" and I taught them some sign language to go with the chorus of the song. They did a good job, despite the difficulties they had in practice.

Below are some pictures and videos from the show. Overall, the talent show raised over 10,000 pesos (over $270) for Haiti.

This is the 5th graders singing "God of Wonders".

This is R, another 5th grader, who decided to sing solo.

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