Thursday, February 4, 2010

Finally getting settled

This week has been a productive week. I have started to finally get settled into life here in the DR. Two major things to help with this process took place this week.

  1. I got a Dominican cell phone. Yes, I finally got a Dominican cell phone. I have been here almost a month and have not been able to get to the cell phone store to get one. The few times I had a chance and tried going, the store was closed. Anyway, I now have a way of communicating with my new colleagues, so I feel more connected with people here.
  2. I have finally moved into my new house. This is a major adjustment and a major advancement in getting settled here. I no longer have to live out of my suitcase and jump around from one person’s house to another. I am living with 3 women. Two of them work with me at Doulos and one works with Students International. We seem to be getting along very well so far.

Pictures coming soon. Keep checking back!

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