Sunday, November 2, 2008


The idea of me coming here as a missionary was to help work with the church to make changes to their programs, allowing them to become more developed, and thus attracting more people to the children's ministry (and the church) through evangelistic outreaches within the program. I was given the position of advisor to the ministry directors- advising them and training them on how to develop their own program so that they could eventually run the program without assistance and continue in the developmental progress. I have been working with this regularly over the past 9 months. While progress has been made within the program, we are far from our goal of seeing the children's ministry becoming the evangelistic outreach program we imagined. Changes have been made, and more changes are to come.

Right now, we are undergoing some changes in leadership with in the ministry. Due to personal problems, the children's ministry coordinators will no longer be serving as the coordinators. Their period of service was scheduled to go through the end of January. Since they are no longer in the ministry, the Pastor has appointed two interim coordinators to take over and continue with the development of the program. I am one of the chosen.

This appointment as interim coordinator is a major change for me within the church. I now will have an official leadership position in Filadelfia Church. I will also have the opportunity to work with and train Y, my co-coordinator. She and I have been working together within the ministry since I arrived and we work well together. We share the passion for the children and both want to see this ministry develop in a huge way.

I am excited for the opportunities that God is giving me here and how He is working through all the difficulites and challenges and providing every step of the way. I don't know yet what God has in store for me next year, but I know it is going to awesome. After all, God is in control of this ministry and He already has all the plans worked out.

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