Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The power of making decisions

Last night, I attended a Bible study with my host mom and some women from her church. When we arrived at the home of the women hosting the study this week, she led us to the kitchen where she had tea, crackers, bread, cake, and cookies waiting for us. After enjoying the refreshments, they realized that all of the women, except one, forgot their Bible study book that they are using, so they decided to do something different.

They decided to watch a dvd sermon by Marcos Witt (a Latin American singer and preacher of Lakewood Church in Houston, Texas) called The Power of making decisions. In this sermon, he talked about how the decisions people make can affect thousands or millions of people. He used examples from the Bible. If Noah would have decided not to listen to God when He told him to build the ark, none of us would be here now. He used other examples like Ruth, David, even Jesus. He even used a few examples from his own life.

It made me think about the decisions I have made in my life; decisions to serve God on various mission trips in the past and ultimately to serve Him full time in Venezuela. How have my decisions affected the people around me? I know they have affected people, but I may not know to what extent until I get to Heaven. Until then, I pray that God will give me wisdom when making decision.

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