Monday, November 10, 2008

Various pics from the past few days...

This was the first of 3 churches I attended on Sunday. This church has about 150-200 people is currently meets in the basement of an office building.

This was the third of the 3 churches I attended (no pics of the second). This one had about 10 people and they met in the upper floor of a concrete house in a poor barrio. They had no instruments, but were still able to praise the Lord.

We went to part of the downtown area of Quito. Under the Basilica (very large, old Catholic church), are the Catacombs. They go on for several city blocks in various tunnels with a Chapel at the end of one of the tunnels for a funeral service. On the side walls of each tunnel and on the walls of the chapel are the headstones for those buried under the city- thousands of people.

We took the cable car up the mountain to see the RuccuPichincha Volcano. While I could not get too close to the volcano, I was up more than 13,450 feet in elevation! You could see the entire city of Quito. Near the top of the mountain is a Catholic Church. There are no houses up there, so I am not sure who actually attends this church.

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