Sunday, November 23, 2008

Election Day

No, I am not living in the past. Today is Election Day. However, this time it is the citizens of Venezuela who are voting. They are not voting for President- but they are voting for state governors and city mayors.

While these are regional elections, this is a major election. The appearance of the country's government could change as a result of this election. The choice here is not for Republican or Democrat, but similarly for opposing parties based on their allignment with President Chávez.

Once a person votes, their pinky finger is dyed purple- identifying that they have, in fact voted. This way, there is no way a person can vote more than once. The dye remains on their fingers for several days before fading. This is the Venezuelan "version" of the "I voted today" stickers that are passed out at elections in the USA. There is some pride in having a purple finger here- showing others that they did indeed vote. The results of this election should be announced by late tonight or early tomorrow morning.

I have been praying for this election- not for a specific person to win, but that God's Will will be accomplished here in Maracaibo and all over Venezuela.

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*Virginia* said...

Aww a purple finger :) that's Venezuelan proud.. in two years I will be able to vote and have one of those.. By the way, i like your blog Jyllia! I read what you wrote about the second thanksgiving dinner and i wished i would be there but i had my part at home :) it was great! congrats, and God bless you (k)