Monday, March 24, 2008

Drama in the children's ministry

Thats right, there has been some drama taking place in the children's ministry lately. The drama I am speaking of is a theatrical drama that some of the children performed on Resurrection Sunday for the rest of the children who attended church. These kids came several times to the church over the last 2 weeks to rehearse this drama and arrived to church at 7:30 on Sunday morning to prepare. The drama displayed the events of the morning when Jesus rose from the grave.
All of the children who came to church were able to watch this drama presentation. Afterwards, they went to their classrooms where the drama was explained and enrichment activities occurred. There was a small model of the empty tomb in each of the classrooms and it was used to demonstrate to the children that JESÚS RESUCITÓ.

Our Actors

The children who came to see the drama unfold on Resurrection Sunday.

Crying at the foot of the cross.

The soldiers guarding the tomb are frightened away.

Jesus lives!!

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