Friday, March 7, 2008

One step closer...

Today, I was given the keys to my apartment, all 8 of them, plus the remote for the gate for the car I don't have. We went to my apartment to try the keys to see if they work and discovered that they had delivered my new bed, dresser, mirror, and night stand. I have been given the ok to move on Monday.

This weekend promises to be busy. We have our next meeting for MisiĆ³n Ohio tomorrow, where those who are planning on going on the mission trip will be turn in their deposits and applications. We also have a person coming in from Caracas to discuss the Visa application process for those who need a visa.

Sunday will be spent at church for half of the day, then packing and doing an inventory of the items already in my apartment.

I will update you later how this weekend goes. :-)

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