Monday, March 31, 2008

The newest member of the family

Meet Guita!! She is my new little pet turtle. She was given to me Friday by a friend from the church. Patricia wants to learn English, so we agreed to help each other with language learning. I went to her house to help her practice English and she was helping me with my Spanish. While there, she showed me her two new little pets- two baby turtles. These turtles were given to her by a relative whose turtles had babies. These babies are only one month old. While I was there, she decided that it’s too lonely for me to be by myself and that I needed a companion, so she gave me one of her precious little turtles.

Guita (short for Tortuguita- which means "little turtle" in Spanish) has been an interesting addition to my apartment. She likes to walk around in the small area of grass outside. She eats fruits, bread, cake, anything. In this picture, she is eating guava. She does not really like lettuce. She is less than 4 inches in length and can fit in the palm of my hand. It will be fun to watch her grow during my time here in Maracaibo.

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Anonymous said...

she's a cutie! The last photo looks like she's being measured for a new turtle suit or something. This is the perspective of someone who has been sick and lacks sleep, so . . . you know!