Monday, March 24, 2008

Semana Santa and Resurrection Sunday

This past week has been a holiday week here. They do not have spring break, but they do get a break for Semana Santa (Holy Week). Some people take the whole week off, although officially, the holiday is Thursday and Friday. There were activities in the churches this week (Christian and Catholic). From Thursday through Sunday, just about everything was closed. Schools, businesses, grocery stores, banks, etc. There was very little traffic on the streets, which is really rare here in the city. There were no people walking around. Everyone went to the beach or the pool.

Easter here is a time for 2 things... religious activities and/or vacation. There are no such things as Easter eggs, Easter bunnies, etc. here. When I think about it, it really shows me the secularism that has crept into the most important time of the year for us as Christians, the time when we celebrate the resurrection of our Lord. The enemy will do anything to take our minds away from Christ, and sometimes he uses things that seem so innocent and so common to us. The lack of commercial and secular distractions this Easter helped me to focus on the true reason we celebrate Resurrection Sunday.

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