Monday, March 3, 2008

Regaining stability

I just returned from seeing my new apartment for the first time. I am excited. I like the apartment. It's small but not too small. It has a brand new stove, refridgerator, and 2 new air conditioners. It's located in a good neighborhood. It's not really close to the church, but it's not super far either.

The church administrator said she will tell me when the paperwork is finished. I have no idea how long this will take, but I am now a step closer to living on my own here.

The thing I like about this is the fact that I will be regaining a little bit of stability in my life. I have been living with someone, mostly out of a suitcase or two, since June of last year, when I moved out of my apartment. It is hard to constantly live out of a suitcase. It is hard not having a place of your own.

It will be really good to unpack the suitcases and be able to put them away for a while.

The apartment building

The entrance to the building

My living room (It came with the couches!)

My bedroom (They will be bringing a bed and a mirror)

The Kitchen

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Jenn said...

Nice Place!!!
I think I can smell the onions and garlic sauteing on the new stove.