Friday, January 15, 2010

First hugs

I officially began working on Tuesday, starting with the 5th grade class. When I started there, the kids were a little nervous (I think). The teacher, Ciara, said they were really well-behaved on Tuesday and Wednesday- more so than usual. Well, yesterday and today, they have begun showing their true colors. They are now used to me. They are also starting to like me.

Yesterday, I got my first hugs from the kids. Many of the girls (and a few of the boys) came up to give me hugs yesterday and today. I really like to see that they are no longer nervous with me being there and are responding to me in the same way they respond to Ciara and other teachers that they have.

Today, I also met the mom of one of the students and she has invited me to come out to her house. I told her I am not sure when I can (since I am still not living in town- but up in the mountains), but that I would love to go to her house for a visit. I will keep you updated when this actually happens.

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